Diana in Minneapolis

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Diana in Minneapolis

Postby marybrewster » Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:36 am

It was almost a decade ago that Diana played the Twin Cities (her last concert here was 2004 at Mystic Lake Casino). To me, the decade was well worth the wait.

Diana's performance at the Orpheum Theater was, well, supreme. Today's "divas" take note: the concert was scheduled to start at 8pm and at 8pm, the concert started. And for the next 75 minutes, Diana served it.

From the opening chords of "I'm Coming Out", the audience was on it's feet and Miss Ross had us eating out of the palm of her hand. 4 costume changes (well, 8 if you want to include the "dusters" over each gown); a red sequinned number, a blue sequinned number with (almost) batwings, a black and sheer sequinned number (sheer on top and all the was down both sides.....was the Boss wearing panties?) and an orange sequinned number. She gave us all the hits: "Upside Down", "Touch Me", "Love Hangover", "The Boss", Love Child", Supremes Medley ("Baby Love/Stop!"), "Do You Know" and Ain't No Mountain"; she gave us a few new favorites "More Today" and "The Look of Love"; and of course, she gave us a few "oddities": "Ease on Down the Road". "Take Me Higher" and "Don't Explain". Naturally, she closed with "I Will Survive". No real surprises, just Diana doing Diana.

We had great tickets; 7th row. I snapped a few pictures (and got yelled at because of the flash....oops!) and afterwards, treated myself to a tour program. Nothing new, but a nice collectible at $25.00. She also had t-shirts ($35.00) and her autobio "Secrets" for sale at $30.00.

A couple of sides:

In the FRONT ROW was a so-so Diana impersonator. I say so-so because it was only because of the Diana hair that made "her" look like Diana. The REAL Diana paid this girl no mind, LOL. And quite honestly, so did the crowd. They came to see the REAL DEAL. Being "in the business", I actually saw THREE other associates of mine, all that make fabulous Diana's; all of them were incognito. I asked one why she didn't dress; she said out of respect. She didn't want any distractions for the legend. I thought that was nice.

About mid-way through the show, while Diana was singing "Ease" she spotted a young man (if you read the article, it mentions the 7 year-old boy); she called for "the baby" to come onstage; he was lifted up and busted out some Michael Jackson-esque dance moves. As he was starting to steal the show, LOL. Diana had him promptly taken off stage, not without a hug and kiss before he was sent back to the audience.

The only "downer" of the evening were the people sitting behind us; we pretty much stood for the whole concert; these people were (RUDELY) yelling for us to "SIT DOWN". Who the hell pays $100.00 for a ticket to see Diana to sit down? I was there to party; to dance; to sing along. And so I did. I suppose another "down" was that the show was only 75 minutes. But what an amazing 75 minutes.

I don't know if Diana will ever make it back to the Cities again; I am so fortunate and so lucky to have seen her once again. I dare say she was better than ever. I certainly say she was worth every penny.
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Re: Diana in Minneapolis

Postby Bubca » Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:25 am

Thanks for posting the revue. I'm glad that you got to see her. What stamina she has. Going from city to city during this tour must be exhausting. I've always remembered Diana starting her concerts on time.

The standing and partying at her concerts is somewhat new. It used to be that it would happen in one or two songs and then the fans would sit down. It never bothered me because I usually was sitting up front. But I wouldn't want to watch the entire concert standing up. However, I would have found a better way to politely ask you to sit down.

Her voice has improved over the last few years. Thanks for sharing your experience and your good time.
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